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Questions and Answers

Below you will find answers to many common questions about Illinois Tech Student Gift 2018.

What is the Hawks 4 Hawks Hardship Fund?

The Hawks 4 Hawks Fund is a scholarship fund that is funded through the Student Gift Campaign. Since 2010, the Student Gift Committee has raised money from students in conjunction with challenge gifts from the Alumni Board, faculty, and staff. The purpose of the fund is to provide financial assistance to Illinois Tech students in crisis situations, where a lack of funding could result in a student being unable to complete their degree.

Who qualifies for this Fund?

Any full-time student (domestic, international, or undocumented) with a unique emergency that causes significant financial issues. Examples:

- Death of a family member
- Divorce
- Unexpected medical emergency or medical bills
- The loss of a job by the primary provider for tuition funds
- The loss of housing due to a natural disaster or other crisis

What costs could an award from the Hawks 4 Hawks Hardship Fund cover?

An award from this fund can be used to cover tuition costs, housing, books, or fees.

What is the approximate size of each award?


How can I apply to get this award?

Apply for an award from this fund through the Financial Aid Appeals Process and fill out a Special Circumstance Appeal Form with an accompanied letter outlining your situation.

How many students need this type of financial assistance?

Approximately 20-25 students each academic year are forced to withdraw from the university due to unforeseen financial hardship. The Student Gift Committee established the Hawks 4 Hawks Hardship Fund in hopes of decreasing this number by providing emergency assistance to students in need.

Is my phone number required to make a gift?

Yes-although the phone number field is not marked as required on the donation form, you must enter it before you can submit your gift. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Still have questions?

Contact us at annualgiving@iit.edu